Proceedings | 2016

Towards Roads and Streets Fulfilling their potential as Economic Arteries – Simon Nicks

  • Authored by:  Simon Nicks

Towards Roads and Streets Fulfilling their potential as Economic Arteries – Simon Nicks, CNdV Africa  
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The purpose of this paper is to firstly, argue that roads’ primary purpose is economic and their movement function should be seen as secondary and, therefore, the implications this relationship has for access management. Secondly, to discuss three devices that can help roads to fulfil their primary (economic) role without unduly compromising their mobility functions; the Complete Streets approach, Roadside Development Environments (RDE), and Service/frontage roads. Thirdly, to outline the implications these devices have for implementing road access management guidelines. The paper raises concerns about the overly onerous application of access management guidelines in a socio-economic context where the formal sector is shrinking and people are seeking alternative livelihood opportunities. The paper acknowledges the principles relating to safety and mobility that must inform responsible access management but argues that the level of service targeted for the road network as a whole should be weighted less in favour of motor vehicle traffic and should promote public and non-motorised transport and access to economic opportunities more strongly. 

Effects, Performance Measurement
ICAM 2016