Research | 2013

Transit-Oriented Development Design Guidelines

  • Published by:  City of San Diego Land Guidance System

City of San Diego Land Guidance System, Transit-Oriented Development Design Guidelines, prepared by Calthorpe and Associates, (1992)

These guidelines were developed by the originator of transit oriented design, Peter Calthorpe, and provide state of the art guidance relative to the topic. Sections 8-10 dealing with the street and circulation system as well as transit stops and pedestrian access are particularly useful to the discussion of activity centers in the AMM2. For example, the guidelines note that “The regional traffic circulation system is dependent upon an efficient and smooth flowing network of arterial and thoroughfare streets. Traffic on arterial streets should not be slowed by activity in the TOD. TOD sites should be selected such that arterial and thoroughfare streets are located on the TOD’s periphery; not through the center of the TOD.”

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