Handbook | 2013

Transportation Impact Handbook

  • Published by:  Florida Department of Transportation

Florida Department of Transportation, Transportation Site Impact Handbook (2014)

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has developed these guidelines to assist FDOT staff in their review of developments. While this handbook is primarily for FDOT staff, it is available to local governments and other transportation partners in an effort to communicate the FDOT’s guidance for reviewing various documents. This update has been titled “Transportation Site Impact Handbook” to reflect the broader scope of work including local government comprehensive plans, growth management responsibilities, and multimodal transportation – rather than simply traffic analysis. This handbook is designed to reflect legislative and other changes that have taken place over time.

The inclusion of Site Impact in this title is to reflect the first version of this Handbook and to differentiate it from the Traffic Analysis Handbook also published by FDOT. For purposes of this document and in professional practice, the terms Transportation Impact Analysis and Site Impact Analysis both refer to the process of analyzing the multimodal impacts of development on the transportation system. 

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