Proceedings | 2017

TRB 5th International Conference on Roundabouts

TRB sponsored the 5th International Conference on Roundabouts which took place on May 8-10, 2017, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The conference focused on research, design, operation, safety, evaluation, and practical experience with the increasingly used roundabout form of an intersection. Visit the proceedings website to view the presentations,  final program.

Like any new technology or idea, it is necessary that people understand how roundabouts work and why they are needed.  This conversation begins by communicating the magnitude and importance of the intersection safety challenge.  With roughly ΒΌ of all traffic fatalities in the United States associated with intersections, it is critical that safer designs are implemented as widely and routinely as possible.  But safer designs must also keep people and goods moving.   Roundabouts have proven to be a safer and more efficient type of intersection.  Still, because they may be unfamiliar to most people, successful implementation of a roundabout requires extra outreach and education.  To help state and local road agencies advance roundabouts, the FHWA produces materials intended to communicate the advantages and benefits of roundabouts to a variety of different audiences.  Many of these resources can be found in the Roundabouts Outreach & Education Toolbox, and are also listed on the FHWA website.

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