Committee | 2018

YouTube Procedure to create short videos

  • Authored by:  Robert Sanders

Video-Sharing Procedure for Access Management Professionals 

Real-world implementation experiences shared in access management case studies are stored as recorded presentations on the Standing Committee on Access Management (AHB70) website. These cases hold the potential to assist other engineers and transportation officials in deploying best practices of access management in their jurisdictions. Currently these professionals may not even be aware of the case studies and are unable to find them using common web search engines. These presentations are stored in formats that are difficult for search engines to crawl. To address this concern, these presentations need to be shared in a new format that can be searched and shared on social media platforms. This document describes a procedure for creating sharable clips from these case studies that promises to increase and improve outreach. 

This document serves as a video social media training document for access management professionals. This is a component of a three-point plan to increase awareness of access management best practices and improve outreach. This procedure helps with the first step, where a presenter snips a short portion of his or her recorded presentation and shares it on YouTube. These clips can then be shared on TRB’s social media platforms. An interested individual can then click backward from social media to YouTube and then click backward a second time returning them to the original presentation. This document describes the development of the training procedure, explains the steps in that procedure, and then offers a summary.

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