2014 International Conference – China
September 25 – September 27, 2014

The Second International Conference on Access Management will be held September 25-27, 2014 in Shanghai, China. The TRB committee representatives are in Shanghai, preparing to learn from the symposium, and share our experiences with the international participants.

TRB is co-sponsoring the Second International Conference on Access Management on September 25-27, 2014 in Shanghai, China. The conference will share worldwide knowledge and experience, advance the state-of-the-practice, and facilitate leadership and partnerships to promote the integration of access management into planning, policy, and design processes. For further information visit the conference website at http://www.am2014.cn/. 

The international conference is an opportunity to get the latest information on access management and to share experiences and advice with others involved in access management. A goal of the conference is to expand global understanding of access management and to share the latest research on the benefits and application of access management techniques.

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Our goal

  • To promote the knowledge of AM in Asia and worldwide
  • To educate Chinese officials on the application of AM in highway (re-)construction and management
  • To improve AM theory through international exchange
  • To ensure every participant enjoys the life in Shanghai

Network and circulation planning are the foundation for effective access management. Roadways are classified by function based upon the relative priority given to land access or through movement. Access management is necessary to achieve this roadway functional hierarchy, which is implicit in state, regional, and local transportation plans.

  • Access management policy of china
  • Intersection design technology
  • Research on access management and accidents models
  • Access management and transportation planning
  • Practice of access management in road planning and design of China and abroad
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Access near roundabouts
  • Safety analysis
  • Network modeling
  • Corridor management plans

If the paper is accepted, it will be published by ASCE with EI Compendex Jounal of Transportation Engineering will publish a special issue for the conference. More than 20 papers will be included in it with SCI. 


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