2016 International Conference S. Africa
July 6 – July 7, 2016
CSIR Convention Centre – Pretoria, South Africa

Presentation | 2018

Cross Streets at Freeway Interchanges: Access Management and Geometric Design Issues

  • Published by:  Transportation Research Board (TRB)

Presentation | 2016

ICAM2016 Open & Welcome – Hein Stander

Presented by:  The Transportation Division of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) and the Access Management Committee of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) in association with SBS Conferences


The goal of Access Management is to safely balance access to land development with efficient road and transportation systems. 

Access management is the coordinated planning, regulation, and design of access between roadways and land development. It encompasses a range of methods that promote the efficient and safe movement of people and goods by reducing conflicts on the roadway system and at its interface with other modes of travel. 


  • Departments of Transport, Municipalities, Road Agencies/Authorities; Planners, Administrators & Managers
  • Civil Engineering Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers
  • Road and Bridge Builders and Maintenance Personnel
  • Procurement Managers
  • Road Building and Road Maintenance Companies
  • Traffic Planning and Management Systems
  • ITS and Communications Companies
  • Road Safety Suppliers and Specialists
  • Environmentalists


The aim of this conference is to share information across the spectrum of transportation interest. 

Papers are invited from all areas of Access Management, including (but not limited to):

  • Access Management Policy
  • Standards for Access Management
  • Integrating Land Use and Access
  • Application of Access Management

Whilst Access Management as a concept was initiated in the developed world, contributions from developing countries are especially welcome.  

Abstracts:  No longer than 300 words, briefly describing the problem statement, approach followed, data collection, analysis , results obtained and conclusions reached, are invited.  All papers submitted will be peer reviewed and all accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.


30 September 2015 – Submit abstracts

30 November 2015 – Notification of acceptance of abstracts

31 January 2016 – Submit Paper

15 March 2016 – Notification of acceptance of papers

Kind regards

Hein Stander
Chair: Access Management 2016


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Proceedings | 2016

2016 ICAM Open & Welcome – Hein Stander

Committee | 2015

Call for Papers 2016 ICAM

Handbook | 2016

TMH 16 Standards and Requirements Manual Volume 2

  • Published by:  South Africa Committee of Transport Officials

Handbook | 2016

TMH 16 South African Traffic Impact and Site Traffic Assessment Manual Volume 1

  • Published by:  South Africa Committee of Transport Officials

Handbook | 2016

TRH27 Services in Road Reserves

  • Published by:  South Africa Committee of Transport Officials