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Presentation | 2013

Access Management Application Guidelines (AMAG) Workshop

  • Authored by:  Dr. Karen Dixon , Dr. James L. Gattis
  • Co-authored by:  Del Huntington , Bob Layton , Marc Butorac
  • Event:  2010 National Conference on Access Management

Project Overview and Status

  • Access Management Application Guidelines (AMAG) modules
  • AMAG Format and Elements for Individual Modules
  • Overview of identified gaps in Access Management knowledge base

Worksheet Module Elements

  • Purpose of Element
  • Guidance for Users
  • Application Issues
  • Vehicle Safety Perspective
  • Vehicle Operational Perspective
  • Other User Perspectives
  • Analysis/Evaluation Techniques
  • References
  • Computational Engines/Spreadsheets/Forms
  • Case Studies

Five Critical Gaps in AM Knowledge Base

  • Sight Distance and A.M. (reaction time? Alternative decision sight distance?)
  • Driveway Spacing and Location
  • Functional Intersection Area (particular attention to driveways and downstream regions)
  • Pedestrians, Bicycles, and Transit Integration with A.M. Initiatives
  • Effective Communication to the Public
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