Presentation | 2013

Access Management: A Developer’s Perspective

Three Examples from a Developer’s Perspective

  • A 15 acre +/- development that was ultimately denied as they could not secure reasonable access to accommodate the site traffic.
  • A redevelopment project that was ultimately approved though unable to meet any of the access management standards.
  • An approval to allow additional access to support an existing development and improve on-site circulation concerns


  • Don’t look in the driveway spacing standard tables to decide where access will be allowed.
  • Only request analysis for specific areas of concern. Do not include the kitchen sink. Apply the right tools
  • Allow for pre-application meeting
  • Establish a realistic and efficient process and timeline
  • Be aware of political realities
  • Understanding of the environment
  • Understanding of the gray area
  • Identify and provide reasonable solutions
  • An understanding that not all driveways are created equal
  • Deal with real safety concerns, not imagined
  • Work toward broad, long-term solutions, not an immediate gain provides little benefit
  • Accept incremental improvements to encourage and support infill and redevelopment within the urban areas

A successful access management program requires the ability to balance many simultaneous issues, concerns and interests.