Presentation | 2013

Access Management Framework Abu Dhabi U.A.E.

“The ultimate goal of this ambitious program is to transform Abu Dhabi into the sustainable capital of the Arab world.” The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT) was established in 2006 – combining agencies of Aviation, Maritime, Public Transport and Highways They are creating about 25 manuals – Current Status Change in Framework • Started with Manual (2010) – following TRB AM Manual, like they follow the Green Book, but directed switch to directive language – regulations. • May produce a training manual in the future. Access Program Framework • Clear definitions • Decision Guidance (not a manual) • Access classification system • Goals and levels of access control linked to function • Access category assignment process • Access location and design standards sliced by functional level and purpose • Procedures. Permitting and other access decisions such as access plans Decision Framework 1. Review all development proposals 2. 2 Discuss prior to application submittal 3. Direct or alternative indirect access 4. Conformity with Policy 5. Determine location and type 6. Design it (applicant responsibility) 7. Issue permit with Terms and Conditions 8. Expires in five years – renewal required. Other Program Elements • Permit fee structure to make the DoT program fee funded. • Municipalities (there are 3) many issue access permits – in conformity with DoT criteria • Permits are good for 5 years, and then must be renewed (fee). True licenses. • Covers Appeals, Variances, Violations • TIA’s are a separate system under planning Access Management Plans • Access Management Plan AMP (specific corridor) • Interchange Access Management Plan (IAMP) • NAMP Network Access Management Plan Location Criteria • Separate spacing criteria for public junctions • Controlled by district planning and Urban Planning Council. • Adopted municipal and Emirate plans have priority – but are not very specific at the detail level • Urban Structure Framework Plan2030 Vision Separate Rural from Urban Urban Categories

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