Presentation | 2013

Access Management Solutions with Roundabouts

Well-designed Modern Roundabouts enhance the achievement of Access Management principles

  • Maintain Integrity of Arterials
  • Balance Mobility and Access
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Congestion
  • Extend the life of Infrastructure

Roundabout Operational & Safety Characteristics:

  • Driveway and intersection spacing versatility
  • Geometric flexibility (properly designed)
  • Less queuing
  • Slower & consistent speeds
  • Reduces speed differentials
  • Less conflicts

System Effects of Roundabouts

  • Roundabouts work well in series
  • Roundabouts and signals are compatible
  • Roundabouts may reduce the need for expensive roadway or structure widening
  • Roundabouts provide substantial flexibility for driveways and side street spacing and design