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AM 2008 Conference

Workshop 1

The Use and Abuse of Crash Data in Roadway Access Management Presentation AM08W1 David Plazak

Opening Session Access Management: Past, Present, and Future Presentation Paper

AM0801 Kristine Williams

FHWA and Access Management (Keynote) Presentation 

AM0801 Regina McElroy

Impact Evaluations and Performance Measures

   Impacts of AM Management Case Study:  Ward Drive, Hwy 60, Conway, AR.

PresentationPaper AM0802 Minh Le

Safety evaluation of access points near intersections and interchanges in NC


AM0802 Reza JafariIdentification of Performance Measures to Evaluate AM ProgramsPresentationPaperAM0802 John Connelly

State DOT AM  Programs

   The Road to AM in VirginiaPresentation 

AM0803 Paul GrasewiczNJ Highway Access Code Reevaluation StudyPresentation 

AM0803 James LewisPrioritizing Access Management ImplementationPresentationPaper

AM0803 Grant SchultzDeveloping Corridor Studies in NCPresentation AM0803 David Wasserman

Workshop 2

   Road Trip: An Interactive Workshop on Roadway Facility Management (06)Presentation AM08W2 Del Huntington

Design and Traffic Engineering

   Warrants for Left-Turn Lanes at Unsignalized Access ConnectionsPresentation AM0804 Ida Van SchalkwykHigh Capacity Multi-Lane Roundabout Design and ImplementationPresentationPaperAM0804 Mark JohnsonGeometric Design of Driveways UpdatePresentationPaperAM0804 J. L. GattisDriveways, Parking, Bicycles, and Pedestrians:  Balancing Safety and EfficiencyPresentationPaperAM0804 Karen DixonGuidelines, Policies and Standards   Development of CARTS AM Standards using the TRB AM ManualPresentationPaperAM0805 Minh LeFranklin County, VA AM GuidebookPresentationPaperAM0805 Andrew BoenauGuide for Evaluating and Updating Corridor Management Policies and PracticesPresentation AM0805 Kristine WilliamsImplementing MoDOT’s Access Management Guidelines along Route 763PresentationPaperAM0805 Michael Trueblood

Workshop 3

   Maryland’s Access Management Program – Urban, Suburban and Rural ExamplesPresentation AM08W3 Shiva Shrestha

Business Impacts and  Stakeholder Involvement

   Comprehensive Public Involvement in Access Management ProjectsPresentation AM0806 Bradley StraderMN 10 Anoka County Business Stakeholder Involvement ProcessPresentationPaperAM0806 David PlazakOutreach Materials Developed For TXDOTPresentation AM0806 Bill FrawleyAssessing Indirect Economic Impacts based on Access ImprovementsPresentation AM0806 Bob Maimone

Progression and Circulation

   Driveways and RoundaboutsPresentation AM0807 Ken SidesThe Impact of Access to Through Roads in Built Areas on Road Safety and Traffic ProgressionPresentation AM0807 Marian TraczAn Update on Superstreet Implementation and ResearchPresentationPaperAM0807 Joe HummerImproving Safety and Operations by Limiting Access on VA 28PresentationPaperAM0807 Randy Dittberner

Workshop 4

   An Interactive Workshop on Scoping an Effective Corridor StudyPresentation AM08W4 Chris HuffmanGeometric Design (AFB10)   Virginia DOT Access Management StandardsPresentation AM0808 Richard WorssamIncorporating Geometric Design into Access Permit RegulationsPresentation Phil Demosthenes
Operational and Safety Effects of Right-Turn Deceleration Lanes on Urban and Suburban ArterialsPresentation AM0808 Ingrid PottsDesigning and Managing Interchanges in Collaboration with the Public: An Interchange Area Management Plan Case StudyPresentation AM0808 Marc Butorac

Access Permitting Processes

   KDOT’s Electronic Highway Access Permit System (HAPS)Presentation AM0809 Luann RothTurn Lanes, Medians & Right of Way – Getting What You Ask For; 
Development of MnDOT’s Permitting PolicyPresentation AM0809 Brian GageOregon DOT Dispute Resolution ProcessPresentation AM0809 Ann ZeltmannWorkshop 5   Effective Access Management Regulations and Proceduresno presentation AM08W5 Kristine WilliamsWorkshop 6   Getting People Involved ProductivelyPresentationPaperAM08W6 Judy MeyerPlan Development and Implementation   NW 86th Street Transportation Plan: Complexities of Managing Access with Plans, Land Redevelopment, and Street RedesignPresentationPaperAM0810 Jamie TunnellUS 1 Howard County Access Improvement StrategyPresentation AM0810 Yoland TakesionInterim Access Management Plan for a Two-Lane Highway Prior to DualizationPresentation AM0810 Karen KahlRural AM – “Innovative Approaches in Expressway to Freeway ConversionPresentation AM0810 Darren FortneyWorkshop 7   Non-Traditional Intersection / Interchange Informational Report (NTIIR) Part 1Presentation AM08W7 Ramanujan JagannathanNon-Traditional Intersection / Interchange Informational Report (NTIIR) Part 2Presentation AM08W7 JagannathanOperational Effects of Geometrics (AHB65)   National Agenda for Intersection SafetyPresentation AM0811Rich CoakleyFHWA Technical Guide on Access ManagementPresentation AM0811Del HuntingtonData Needs for Intersection SafetyPresentationPaperAM0811Ed Stollof

Reducing Collisions – By Reducing Violations

Presentation AM0811HansenRelated to the Geometric Design of IntersectionsPresentationPaperAM0811Vergil StoverLand Use and Access Management   Linking Land Use and Transportation Decision Making in New YorkPresentation AM0812 Steve MunsonAssessing Development Impacts from Infrastructure Alternatives that vary from Local Land Use PlansPresentationPaperAM0812 Michelle JonesTying Transportation Improvements, Future Land Use, Access Management, and Zoning Regulations Together for Successful ImplementationPresentationPaperAM0812 Rob NesbittWorkshop 9   Successful Public Involvement:  Engaging StakeholdersPresentationPaperAM08W9 Bill FrawleyClosing Session   Access Management – An Interactive DiscussionPresentationPaperAM0813 Broen/FrawleyStudent Poster Competition AwardPresentation AM0813 Tom HilesLooking Ahead to 2010 – Natchez, MississippiPresentation AM0813 Jeff AltmanConference PhotosPhoto Gallery 

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