Presentation | 2013

Arizona & New Mexico Access Program Developments

New Mexico’s Goals (2009-10)

  • Update and improve current manual, regulations and internal policies.
  • Provide training
  • Budgeted for phase 1

Switch from Guide to Rules

  • Mostly procedures w/o criteria
  • All design issues pointed to Green Book
  • Not effective program
  • Not preserving function or safety
  • Lacked ability to address accumulative impacts
  • Little criteria to deny a request

Started with

  • State of practice review (Stover)
  • Extensive internal stakeholder meetings
  • Created an access category system
  • Framed a decision process
  • Location and design guidelines
  • New procedures
  • Prepared draft Regulations, then guidelines
Access Permitting, Classification, State Program
Arizona, New Mexico, Statewide Program