Presentation | 2013

Comprehensive AM Planning Is Key to Economic Sustainability

Case Studies Slide Titles Why Study is Needed Study Area Adjacent Freeway Design Freeway Footprint Why Study is Needed Land Use and Transportation Development Pattern – Nodal Land Use Considerations Existing Development Pattern Development Pattern Interchange/Intersection Recommendations Access Management Access Function Unoccupied Property Unoccupied Property Starlite Motor Lodge – low density along the highway English Village Inn Unoccupied Building Old Circuit City Old Michael’s Vacant Lot David’s Bridal Our highways has become America’s “Main Street” Roadway Recommendations Freeway System Arterial Streets Backage Roads Access Control Recommendations Why Study is Needed Land Use Why Study is Needed Multigenerational Development Building Heights Open Space & Trails Sidewalks & Bike Paths Access Control Recommendations Study Report Page 46 Access Management Land Use Study Report Page 54 Building Heights Study Report Pages 60-61 Open Space & Trails Study Report Pages 66-67 Sidewalks & Bike Paths Study Report Pages 68-69 Next Steps Study Report Page 91