Presentation | 2013

Corridor Management and Impact Mitigation in Florida

Case Studies

Mitigation in Florida

  • Transportation Concurrency
    • Local governments must address LOS deficiencies
    • Development must mitigate trips that cause LOS deficiencies
    • New capacity must be available or under construction within 3 years of building permit
  • Proportionate Fair Share Mitigation
    • Allows developers the option to mitigate and move forward under certain conditions
    • Credited against impact fee
  • Proportionate Share Mitigation
    • Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)

Summary of Proposed Practice

1. Local government completes existing conditions analysis

  • Use to establish template “weights”

2. Local government develops mobility plan & completes template “self review”

  • Submit with application for CPA review

3. FDOT staff reviews package and completes template “agency review”

  • Prepare staff report

4. Opportunity for local refinements or additional information

  • What gets measured gets done


Coordination, Corridor Plans, Land Development, Legal Considerations
Florida, Mitigation, corridor management