Presentation | 2013

LADOTD’s Approach to Access Management

First Steps

  • Updated the existing “median policy”
    • no 5 lanes
    • median opening spacing
    • median opening types
  • Created “signal spacing and warrant policy”
    • established ½ mile spacing
  • Created “roundabout policy”
  • Policies were signed by the Chief Engineer
    • after 2 years are now finally being “tested”


  • Access Management Projects with separate Budget Partition
  • Corridor Studies
  • Place Median Spacing and Signal Spacing in the Design Standards
  • Adopt Left and Right Turn Lane Warrants
  • Continue working with local governments
  • Educate

Mississippi’s Experience in the Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Access Management Policy

History of Mississippi’s development of an access management program


  • Applying AMM principles on new highways will not be that difficult
  • Applying AMM principles on existing highways consistently will be a huge challenge, especially for the Appeals Committee
  • One of biggest challenges will be getting out of the “we’ve always allowed two driveways” mindset

State Program
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