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Network Planning and Development Strategies

Network Planning and Development Strategies for Access Management

The lack of access control along arterial highways has been the largest single factor contributing to the obsolescence of ….an entire generation of new arterial facilities built only a short while ago.

-NCHRC Report 121 (1971) Slide Titles (complete narration text in PowerPoint) Sustainable Development & Access The Problem Access Management is essential… Effective Access Management requires… Elements of Integrated Corridor Management Urban Arterial Spacing Guidelines Urban Arterial Spacing (cont.) Local and Regional Network Planning Master Street Plans Street Network Standards Local ROW Preservation Strategies Access Management and Network Planning Urban Plan Policies Mitigation of Highway Impacts Service Roads and Parallel Relievers Neighborhood & Sector Plans Access Management Techniques Joint and Cross Access Policies Bus Transit and Access Management Bike/Ped/Transit Connections Bridgeport Way (Before) Bridgeport Way (After) Summary • Regular spacing of continuous streets, supported by adequate collector and local street networks • Different approaches to access design on major roadways intended for longer distance, higher speed travel • Diversity of street types and design options • Focus growth into centers that can support modal alternatives and connect these by transit with attention to pedestrian and bicycle access to transit

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