Presentation | 2013

A New Look at Driver Perception – Reaction Time at Driveways

Oregon State University

As part of the AMAG project, Karen Dixon used a driving simulator to study the driver perception – reaction time of drivers of different ages. 


  • Defining the Problem
  • Study Currently in Progress
  • Concluding Remarks

Next Steps

  • What can be determined:
    • Complete testing of subjects
    • Determine PRT for each driver experience
    • Match driver demographics to associated PRT values using triggers in the program as well as eye tracking and foot camera information
    • Vehicle dash board selected speed
    • Compile and report results
  • What cannot be directly determined:
    • Driver¬ís perceived speeds (but relative speeds and acceleration / deceleration can be assessed)
Access Spacing, Driveways, Effects
Driver Behavior, Driveways, Older Drivers, Sight Distance, reaction time, simulator