Presentation | 2013

Revitalizing Aging Highway Corridors

Revitalizing Aging Highway Corridors by Developing Context Zones and Access Management Standards Case Study Slide Titles US 1/US 78 Corridor Study Public Participation What happens if we do nothing? This could happen… Going from this…. To this, requires planning. What happens if we plan? We will improve safety and enhance mobility options… What happens if we do nothing? We create more issues that must be resolved… What happens if we plan? We improve traffic operations. Topics U.S. 1/U.S. 78 Corridor Study Area Augusta MPO Area U.S. 1/U.S. 78 Corridor Study Area Projected Socio-economic growth Conflict Points Crash History Conflicts at median breaks and driveways Conflict points with TWLTLs Conflict points with raised medians Install non-traversable median Close some median openings Study Area Context Zones Context Zones Corridor Recommendations Recommendations – Access Management and Safety • Access Management • Limit Number of Driveways • Limit Movements at Driveways (RI/RO) • Increase spacing of Median Openings (Aim for 500’) Recommendations – Access Management and Safety • Improve median openings • Add Left-turn lanes • Increase width • Striping • Consolidate Recommendations – Traffic Operations • Coordinate traffic signals • Construct dedicated left & right turn lanes • Realign roadways • Construct roundabouts Regulatory Strategy: Existing Regulations • 1984 Aiken County Development Standards apply in most of the corridor • Highway Corridor Overlay District on U.S. 1/U.S. 78 from the Savannah River to Atomic Road • North Augusta Highway Corridor District overlay Recommendations – Regulatory Strategy • Extend the County Highway Overlay District from the city limits of North Augusta to the city limit of Aiken. • Use additional overlay districts within context zones: o HO-VC District (Highway Overlay – Village Center) o HO-P District (Highway Overlay – Parkway) o HO-S District (Highway Overlay – Suburban) o HO-H District (Highway Overlay – Highway)

Corridor Plans, Effects, Local Program, Regional Program
Context Zones, case studies, standards