Presentation | 2013

Safety Effects of Median Modification Using Quick Kurb (QK)

Conclusions & Recommendations

  • Effective Temporary Median Treatment
  • Construction: Shorter Time and Less Cost
  • Safety Effects
  • Reduction on Left-Turn Related Crashes
  • Total Crashes: Reduced for most of applications except full median closure from bi-directional median opening
  • Benefit/Cost Ratio
  • Bi-directional Channelization: 8-12
  • One-directional Channelization: 3-5

Limitations & Next Step

  • Short “After Period” in the Study
  • Several Months to Three Years
  • Small Sample Size
  • Naïve Before-After Study:
  • No SPF for Bi-directional Left-Turn Bays

Next Step:

  • More Crash Data Collection
  • SPF for Bi-directional Left-Turn Bays
Effects, Medians
Quick Kurb