Presentation | 2013

SAM and AM

I am AM. AM I am. That damn AM! That damn AM! I do not like that damn AM! Would you like to get there SAM? It can help you to your house. I can show you with my mouse. Do not bother with your mouse. I just want to be a grouse. I want my driveway here and there, I want my driveways everywhere. You can safely drive your car. You can drive from very far. Medians can make life grand — If you can only understand. I do not care if you agree, I only want what pleases me, I want them here so fast, fast, fast, Why should I worry ’bout their cast? You will like AM, you’ll see. Not only will they pretty be, good AM removes conflicts, which reduces bumper nicks. To limit conflicts is the goal – Reduce crash points to keep us whole. Remove cars from the center lane, otherwise they are a pain. Moving traffic is the key to functional integrity. People flow from here to there and get to you from anywhere! AM, If you will let me be, I will try it. You will see. Say! I like this Access Management. It helps me get to where I went! Driveway spacing helps me more by increasing traffic to my door! Medians are safer, too Especially when I see you. I cannot drive in anywhere for that would cause more conflict’s there And less is more, or so they say when crashes seem to go away. I want to know more, please tell me what’s functional integrity? I want more customers, oh gee — you’ve increased the capacity! Please take your mouse and show me more I like this driveway shared next door I do so like to get there fast and I want to make sure it will last. I want to help you end the dents! I want to know just what you meant! I want to pay my monthly rent! I want to stop my foolish vent! and support this Access Management. I do so like this great AM! Thank you! Sam and AM!

Fun, Public, barbershop quartet, music