S. Hallmark

Research | 2013

Toolbox to Evaluate the Impacts of Roundabouts on a Corridor or Roadway Network

  • Authored by:  Hillary Isebrands
  • Co-authored by:  S. Hallmark , Dr. Eric Fitzsimmons , J. Stroda

Research | 2013

Toolbox to Assess Tradeoffs between Safety, Operations, and Air Quality for Intersection and Access Management Strategies

  • Authored by:  S. Hallmark
  • Co-authored by:  Dr. Eric Fitzsimmons , David J. Plazak , K. Hoth , Hillary Isebrands

Research | 2013

Evaluating Change in Corridor Operations Based on Access Management Strategies Using VISSIM Along US-69 Through Ankeny, Iowa

  • Authored by:  Dr. Eric Fitzsimmons
  • Co-authored by:  S. Hallmark , David J. Plazak , K. Giese