Put me out of business

September 4, 2013 | Frank Broen

You are going to put me out of business!

This is by far the most common and passionate complaint of small business owners who pour their life saving into their business. The following points could be used to try and calm their fears:

You are going to put me out of business!

This is by far the most common and passionate complaint. Most small business owners pour their life saving into their business. It is their source of income and security for the future. Therefore, they are very protective of their businesses and are afraid of anything which they view as a threat to the viability of their business. Although it is very difficult to persuade these folks that closing a median opening will not significantly impact their business, the following points could be used to try and calm their fears: 

  • Our surveys have shown that median opening modifications had little or no affect on the selections drivers make when doing business. Most drivers are willing to make U-turns to access a business that they have used in the past. 
  • The most heavily affected businesses are convenience-type stores (gas stations, fast food, etc.). However, the median changes do not impact the demand for these items. In fact, some businesses may actually be positively impacted in these cases. While the store may become slightly less attractive to some motorists, it win likely be more attractive to others. 
  • Many motorists avoid businesses where the access is perceived as unsafe. This often occurs along roadways with poor access management and numerous conflicts. Motorists may be more attracted to a sight with less conflicts at its access points. 
  • Our before and after surveys of business owners found that most business owners were not negatively impacted, and in fact, most said that it was not nearly as bad as they had thought it would be. 
  • Most motorists surveyed stated that they liked the median changes and that the changes did not change their shopping habits. 
  • Service industry offices (Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc.) and specialty stores are not generally impacted as their patrons tend to have an allegiance with the owner or service provider.