2014 Research Projects

NCHRP and FHWA Funded Projects

  • Access Management Applications Guidebook (AMAG)
  • 2nd Edition of the Access Management Manual – Kristine Williams noted that TRB does not have a publication schedule yet but that they are shooting for an April 2014 publication date and they are trying to coordinate with the AMAG project given the size of that document to incorporate the necessary pieces.
  • Access Management in the Vicinity of an Interchange (NCHRP 07-23) – Schultz noted that Karen Dixon will be performing a working group discussion at the end of this meeting
  • Strategies to Reduce Agency Costs and Improve Benefits Related to Highway Access Management (NCHRP 25-47) – Schultz noted that the panel has met but the RFP will not be issued until the Manual is published to assure that duplication is not a concern.
  • Williams noted it would be interesting to know the status of the Access Management International Practices work from Clemson because it could be related back to the e-Circular the committee is working on. Samberg noted that he could follow-up on this project to get its status. 

Ongoing or published reports to watch 

  • Williams noted that Florida DOT just completed a report on Bypasses of Small and Medium Sized Communities and the report has a good number of Access Management related recommendations
  • Zhongren Wang noted that CalTrans has an ongoing research project with University of Nevada – Reno regarding Ramp Metering and storage lengths on ramps and arterials and this should be completed in mid-2015.
  • Wang also mentioned that CalTrans just completed a report on HOV Lane access and that it contains a comparison of continuous and contiguous access.
  • Wang and Phil Demosthenes noted that a gap in research exists when looking at the impact of ramp metering on roundabouts as ramp terminals.
  • Williams noted that the National Center on Transit Research has been developing a multi-modal model which incorporates access management and network planning guidance and should be completed this year.
  • Schultz noted that the spreadsheet is getting large, and Samberg noted that we might consider a published and underway table to assist in viewing.
  • Robert Hofrichter mentioned a Virginia DOT study on Agri-Tourism which discussed access concerns to rural tourism sites.
  • John Sobotik mentioned that Wisconsin DOT is performing a study on business impacts from driveway re-configurations in small urban settings.  WisDOT is still in the problem definition stage and not sure what the study will encompass.