A vast body of literature has been produced on the topic of access management, including research reports, peer reviewed papers, and government policy documents. In addition, the scope of the TRB Access Management Manual (AMM) is not only cross cutting, but has expanded further to address non-auto modes of transportation in more detail.

The primary purpose of this annotated bibliography is to identify and annotate significant research reports and government policy examples relative to access management that were developed after publication of the first edition AMM in 2003. A key focus of the effort has been on documenting those findings and conclusions most relevant to advancing the current state of the practice.

The resulting bibliography has been incorporated on this website and includes published research as well as selected agency policies, guidelines, codes, corridor plans, and manuals or guides. The full annotated bibliography has been organized under major and minor topical headings that best reflect the content and techniques of importance to access management for ease in use. Some bibliography topics also conclude with a short list of other pertinent published literature. For ease in locating relevant literature, each item in the bibliography is included as a document on this website.