Outreach Subcommittee Mission Statement:       

It is the mission of this subcommittee to support the increase of awareness and use of access management.

 Outreach Subcommittee AHB70(3) 

  • Maintain the committee website, provide national teleconferences and webinars, promote and support training and workforce development; 
  • Encourage presentations and sessions at conferences; 
  • Collect case studies/examples of effective access management projects; 
  • Develop outreach materials; and, 
  • Develop strategies to mainstream access management. 

Strategic Goals and Objectives:

  1. Access Management Manual (AMM2) 3rd Edition work toward programming and funding of the next Manual edition in 2024.
  2. Access Management Applications Guide (AMAG) 2nd Edition.   With the 1st Edition of the AMAG (published in 2016), there is need to determine the strengths and shortcomings of the AMAG and how it can be improved with the assumption that a second edition would be useful. Or consider its full integration with the AMM3.
  3. Within the Website, establish method to collect end user comments for opinions on existing materials, missing materials, research needs and general comments.
  4. Support the development and distribution of the AM International Primer.
  5. NHI 133078: Access Management, Location, and Design.  Work with NHI and FHWA key representatives to encourage that the NHI Access Management course is well advertized and there is an NHI budget for updating the course to incorporate the latest research and the materials from AMM2.
  6. Resources Repository –  support the AM Website to ensure that all available access related tools and resources are available to end users.  Contribute new material whenever available. 
  7. Resources Repository – Identify tools and resource needs that are not currently available. Determine what is necessary to develop needed materials for posting on the website.
  8. Presentation Repository – The AM website currently contains a number of presentations that have been made at various conferences and meetings. Organize these materials in a more logical fashion. Identify gaps where more materials are needed to support agency interest in AM program development and marketing.
  9. Performance Measures Repository:  MAP 21 puts great emphasis on performance measures for all transportation strategies.  Develop and post a wide variety of access management related performance measures that will support and advance the credibility of access management efforts.
  10. Case Studies Repository: Examples of AM implementation exist mostly available as conference presentations. , Organize these materials in a more logical fashion so they can be easily found. Such materials should include how to hold access management conversations with non?technical audiences, how to identify and reach out to non?traditional partners, and how to integrate access management on specific corridors.
  11. Canned presentations: Intro to AM (state DOT level staff). Intro to AM for citizens (pre-corridor projects such as raised median AMPs).  What is and benefits would be covered.
  12. Support upcoming conferences and meetings with outreach – announcements