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Research | 2018

Extent and Impacts of the VA-DOT Exception Process for Access Management Design Standards

  • Published by:  Virginia Transportation Research Council
  • Co-authored by:  John S. Miller , Lance E. Dougald , Ryley S. Stevens , Matthew D. Dean , Catherine H. Gayner

Brochure | 2017

FHWA Driveways Rural Road Safety Briefing Sheets

  • Published by:  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Research | 2013

Warrants for Right-turn Lanes / Treatments on Two-lane Roads

  • Authored by:  A. Varma
  • Co-authored by:  G. Ale , S. Gyawali , P. Ghevuri , S. Hagel

Paper | 2013

Access Connections on Opposite Sides of the Roadway

  • Authored by:  Dr. Vergil G. Stover