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Proceedings | 2013

Use of MicroSimulation to Convey Access Management Techniques

  • Authored by:  Mike Curtit , Jason Sommerer

Research | 2013

Development of Guidelines for Driveway Location and Median Configuration in the Vicinity of Interchanges

  • Authored by:  Scott Washburn
  • Co-authored by:  Alexandra Kondyli

Research | 2013

Access Control Design on Highway Interchanges

  • Authored by:  H. Rakha
  • Co-authored by:  A. Flintsch , M. Arafeh , G. Abdel-Salam , D. Dua , M. Abbas

NCHRP | 2013

NCHRP Synthesis 404: State of the Practice in Highway Access Management

  • Published by:  NCHRP
  • Authored by:  Jerome S. Gluck