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Website | 2019

Statewide Raised Median Toolkit

  • Published by:  UDOT

Handbook | 2014

Florida Median Handbook

  • Published by:  Florida Department of Transportation
  • Authored by:  Gary H. Sokolow

Research | 2013

Raised Medians and Economic Impact on Adjacent Businesses

  • Authored by:  William E. Frawley , William L. Eisele

NCHRP | 2013

NCHRP Report 650: Median Intersection Design for Rural High-Speed Divided Highways

  • Published by:  NCHRP
  • Authored by:  T. H. Maze
  • Co-authored by:  Joshua L. Hochstein , Reginald R. Souleyrette , H. Preston , R. Storm

Brochure | 2013

Safety Benefit of Raised Medians and Pedestrian Refuge Areas

  • Published by:  Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)